Who is Mikey?
How did Mikey’s Meals get started?
How often do we hold events in the community?

Who is Mikey?

My name is Shaheda M. Wright. My son, Michael Carraway Jr., received a liver transplant at UCSF Medical Center on November 1, 2008.

Michael was a very active sixth grader and had never been sick. He played drums, guitar and was learning tenor saxophone. Michael played Pop Warner football, he was in math club, studied Indian dance for a year and participated in Sport for Kids for two years.

On October 21, 2008, all that changed.

He became lethargic, wasn’t eating and his eyes turned yellow. After being at Kaiser Oakland for a few days, he was transported by ambulance to UCSF Medical Center. October 25, 2008, UCSF doctors and surgeons told me that Michael needed a liver transplant.

I watched helplessly as my son’s health deteriorated. The physicians at UCSF said that his condition had become critical and he was being placed on the donors list for a liver transplant.

On October 31, 2008, a 15 year old was killed in a traffic accident in Southern California. His family wanted to donate his organs and Michael was the recipient of his liver. During this ordeal, Michael didn’t cry once. My son showed me that in spite of life’s situations, to be strong and to not complain.

Michael returned to school fulltime in December 2008. I asked Michael what he wanted to do for Christmas 2008. His reply was “feed the homeless”. I wasn’t surprised because Michael had always been a kind hearted child and always thinking of others.

What a wonderful way to pay it forward!

I prepared dinner and fed 25 people Christmas 2008 to start. In 2009, except for the months of April and May, when Michael was in the hospital, Mickey’s Meals feed 1,175 people in the city of Oakland, CA. Christmas 2009, in addition to providing meals to the homeless, Mikey’s Meals sponsored its first toy drive and handed out 100 gift bags that included toiletries, hats, socks, and gloves to adults.

Michael has participated in each meal distribution.

Since then, Michael has applied and was accepted to the Alvin Ailey camp at Cal Performances at UC Berkeley and he wanted his vision to continue in honor of the donors family whose generosity saved his life and allowed his dreams to come true.

Michael’s Dream: He has several goals but the main one is to attend college and major in music. 

Mikey’s Meals Objective: To provide meals to the less fortunate on a monthly basis